Kids Pay Dearly for Lack of Clean Water
In Latin America and the Caribbean, one-third of childhood deaths are the result of diarrhoea. The problem could be resolved with clean water and appropriate sanitation systems, but millions of people, especially the indigenous and Afro-descendant populations, lack access to either. more

Untreated Wastewater Making the Seas Sick
Latin American and Caribbean nations seem hardly to worry about treating the massive discharge of garbage, fossil fuels and pesticides into their maritime waters. Millions of dollars are lost as a result, in the deterioration of ecosystems, reduction of fish populations and harm to human health. more

Water Problems in Latin America
77 million people lack access to safe water: The region has made tremendous advances in recent decades. The percentage of people in Latin America and the Caribbean with direct access to water has increased from 33 percent of the population in 1960 to 85 percent by 2000. This still leaves 77 million people without a water connection in their homes ­ 51 million rural residents and 26 million urban ones. more

New Wave of Water Movements in Latin America
The 16th commemoration of World Water Day came and went on March 22 with little fanfare. Francisco, a retired Salvadoran construction worker, didn´t have much to celebrate anyway. When I spoke with him on the poor outskirts of San Salvador last December, water had not come out of his faucets for months. Despite making minimum wage, or about $161 a month, he still dutifully pays his $7 dollar water bill every month. "I keep paying the bill, because if my service is disconnected, then I´ll have to pay even more to get it reconnected," he reasons. more

Water scarcity: A looming crisis?
The amount of water in the world is finite. The number of us is growing fast and our water use is growing even faster. more

Much of U.S. Could See a Water Shortage
An epic drought in Georgia threatens the water supply for millions. Florida doesn´t have nearly enough water for its expected population boom. The Great Lakes are shrinking. Upstate New York´s reservoirs have dropped to record lows. And in the West, the Sierra Nevada snowpack is melting faster each year. more

Crisis Looming over Water Shortages Worldwide
By 2025 more than half the nations in the world will face freshwater stress or shortages and by 2050 as much as 75 percent of the world´s population could face freshwater scarcity. more


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